Bridge members

Commander Bob Whedon250-597-0810
Past Commander Marguerite Vogel250-746-6537
Executive Officer Paul Richards250746-8612
Admin Officer Colin Hall250-883-2824
Educational Officer Nancy Dower250-710-2726
Treasurer P/Cdr Wayne MacDonald250-246-3884
Secretary Elizabeth Zoffmann778-677-6749
Membership Officer Ian de Verteuil250-748-6506
Public Relations Officer Roger Morgan250-748-1208
Webmaster/Facebook- Rue Pope250-715-7154
Communications Officer Ian de Verteuil250-748-6506
Editor of Seabreeze-Dave Osborne250-743-5609
Environmental Officer Gary Cline250-748-0487
Historian-Gary Cline250-748-0487
Safety Officer Greg Sutfin250-748-6611
Supply Officer P/Cdr Phil Devitt250-324-5512
Technology Officer Wayne Smiley778-748-0676
Cruise Master Sue Coleman250-748-8332
ATO Boating 1, 2 & 3 – vacant
ATO Marine Radio – Greg Sutfin250-748-6611
ATO Advanced & Electives P/Cdr Jim Peakman250-748-7376
Chief Proctor – vacant
Roster/Seabreeze Sales Rep Mat Gilliam250-246-4074
Student Cruise Coordinator Ron Spilsbury250-701-0337
Asst to Historian P/Cdr Ted Giles250-245-3707
Financial Reviewer Mandy Richards250-746-8612
Asst Membership Officer Sue Coleman250-748-8332
PR Advisor Roger Morgan250-748-1208
Asst Cruise Master Dan Coleman250-748-8332
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